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Junior Points


  • Junior points

    Junior Points consists of all Junior members under age 18.

    All placings reported from Reserve Variety on up receive a designated amount of points. The Point structure for tallying points for ASBC Members with reported placings in ASBC Meets:

    Best Of Variety:
    10 x # of Silkies shown IN THAT VARIETY

    Reserve of Variety:
    5 x # shown in that variety

    Best of Breed:
    15 x total silkies shown

    Reserve of Breed:
    10 x total silkies shown

    Best FeatherLeg 100 pts
    Featherleg Res. 50 pts
    Best Bantam: 200 pts
    Reserve Bantam: 100 pts
    Champion: 300 pts
    Reserve Champion: 250 pts

    Below is the new show report, the points as of February 25, 2021, a list of shows reported in 2020 and early 2021 (any shows reported in which none of the exhibitors were members of the club are not included), and the October 2020 points update (included as a reference).
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    • lharrison
      lharrison commented
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      All shows received for 2013, 2014 & 2015 are posted on the forum, you can check there. Also if there is a problem with a show form, it will be posted there. What was the show name & what date & I will check.

    • kanakoschild
      kanakoschild commented
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      hmm, I don't see Anna Kanakos on there from showing at Cobleskill.???? thanks

    • lharrison
      lharrison commented
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      On Anna send me what show, where it was & the date. I will double check. Thanks
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