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Junior Points


  • Junior points

    Junior Points consists of all Junior members under age 18.

    All placings reported from Reserve Variety on up receive a designated amount of points. The Point structure for tallying points for ASBC Members with reported placings in ASBC Meets:

    Best Of Variety:
    10 x # of Silkies shown IN THAT VARIETY

    Reserve of Variety:
    5 x # shown in that variety

    Best of Breed:
    15 x total silkies shown

    Reserve of Breed:
    10 x total silkies shown

    Best FeatherLeg 100 pts
    Featherleg Res. 50 pts
    Best Bantam: 200 pts
    Reserve Bantam: 100 pts
    Champion: 300 pts
    Reserve Champion: 250 pts

    Below are the current points for Junior Members and a list of shows that have been added since the last points report.
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    • lharrison
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      All shows received for 2013, 2014 & 2015 are posted on the forum, you can check there. Also if there is a problem with a show form, it will be posted there. What was the show name & what date & I will check.

    • kanakoschild
      kanakoschild commented
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      hmm, I don't see Anna Kanakos on there from showing at Cobleskill.???? thanks

    • lharrison
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      On Anna send me what show, where it was & the date. I will double check. Thanks
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